Thursday, August 3, 2017

Deo ArmPit Brightener Review

Deo ArmPit Brightener Review - I'll be trying out an armpit brightener now the product I'm using today is that a pure D your armpit brightener this project is from Korea and apparently it's supposed to remove bumpy dead skin and impurities from your armpit the main ingredients are ethyl hexaglycerin which helps to manage bad odor and sweaty smells milk protein extract which helps to maintain smooth clear skin texture.

Deo ArmPit Brightener

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White lily and lemon extract which helps to brighten up dull skin and there's aloe vera and cucumber extract which helps to protect sensitive skin from irritation now when it comes to my armpits that's an area that I'm pretty sensitive about in the past I mean you guys have commented and said that like I forgot to show my underarms but actually like I get later so I'm actually I have no hair under there but it's just kind of like naturally dark because previously when I was younger I would always shave my underarms and that makes your skin like more pigmented and dark so hence I have like dark underarms.

deo armpit

I promise there's no hair there so I'm pretty like pretty bearish when you guys point it out so this product I'm really excited about because I really hope that it does white not my underarms do any of you guys have this problem please let me know as the only reader out there would like dark underarms now with this product.

You're not supposed to use it on like skin with any open cuts or X smile like if you have like really sensitive skin there's a disclaimer to not try this product out actually now that makes me kind of scared like is it's like super strong is it going to like completely bleach my underarms I don't
know but we'll just give it a go so first, you need to start off with clean underarms I have deodorant on so I'm just going to use baby wipes to take it off so just showing my armpits to the world right now it's super embarrassing ah so dark I'm so embarrassed don't laugh for me guys okay.

armpit brightener review

So what you're supposed to do is apply this product now the consistency is pretty thick and it's like white so you're supposed to just apply it on your skin like wait for like a minute or two and it'll like set and dry and then you kind of just like rub it off and I think it just turns into like a powder or something and then you remove the excess with lukewarm water and hopefully your underarms will look brighter.

I'm just gonna squeeze some of that out, let's start off with this much first  I'm just gonna like apply it on like this is a bit layer it doesn't look them because the product is actually really opaque looks like cream cheese okay so I've just evenly applied a layer of the armpit brightener and my gosh my shoulders are really sauces like a workout just keeping my arms up like this so I still let it for about a minute or two and I know that's like that's all I have to do in terms of how it smells actually smells really nice it kind of smells like kind of smells like a florally baby powder if you get what I mean.

Just gonna let it dry I hope this thing works like look at the difference gosh so dark how dark it is company people think it's hair so embarrassing, okay so I feel like it's dry you just like touch it yeah it's dry there's no transfer so use just supposed to like gently rub it away.

I'm making such a mess is so messy it's was falling on the ground she was done within the bathroom and I think I have to like it every single bit of it off because it just says to wash off with some warm water after it looks kind of wider but I think it's just because it's like chalky okay I'm going to quickly wash this off with water and I'll be right back so I'm back are you ready to see my armpits now I thought it ever happened you want that but are you ready here it does you think it looks brighter.

I feel like actually no it does it definitely does look brighter and it feels smoother too I think bumps the bumps are still there the bumps are where like the little hair follicles are so they're still there but
they're much smoother now compared to like this side can you see the difference I don't know if you guys can see the difference what if I like have my armpits in me there's a super thirsty it hasn't like magically bleached it or anything but is a little bit brighter definitely a little bit brighter I feel like it's something you have to use like very regularly to see more results.

But yeah after one time I can see a very slight difference yeah this side feels pretty bumpy this side is really smooth yeah there's definitely a difference definitely a difference so I've just zoomed out and I feel like you guys can see the difference a bit better from a distance this side is the one that I haven't done anything to this side is the one that I put the armpit right on can you guys hear difference you know I can't believe I'm showing the world my underarms but it totally works.

I feel like this side is maybe like half a shade lighter than this side after just one year and in regards to how it feels this side definitely feels much more smoother and this side is still pretty rough and bumpy I'll do the other side well do that in my own time.

Deo ArmPit Brightener Review

Leena let me just show you a before and after photo okay so now it's time to rate the product now considering it's a very small tube and I think I bought it online for maybe like fifteen or twenty dollars I feel like I mean I feel like they could have like given you a bit more there's only  mils or product in this when you do both underarms that have already taken a lot of the product.

So I don't know if you can use it a lot of times another thing I didn't quite love about the product is like removing it is pretty messy so I would recommend you do it like over the bathroom sink or something so at least all like the powder can drop into the sink and you can just wash it away.

Because now it's like literally on the floor also it is a shoulder workout like my shoulder is killing me right now I'm going to be saw tomorrow and I'm yet to do this side also another thing is when I took the actual product off it was a little bit itchy now don't know if it's like the product or me just rubbing it with a towel but it does like make your skin a little bit itchy but it's not like.

Stinky it doesn't like really irritate your skin much but then again I don't have sensitive skin so if you have sensitive skin I maybe do a patch test to try it before just to see if you have a reaction in terms of the results I do like the results, I just feel like I wish it totally wounded it completely after one go but I feel like you know if that was the case they'd need very strong.

Like the amount of like product oil ingredients in there it does like lighting it up about like half a shade and I feel like it is something that I'll just keep trying to see if it, lightens but after one use and like this is my first impression I'm going to rate it at eight and a half out of ten let me know what you guys would rate this product and if any of you guys like have the same problem as me sorry I'm not Ilona I just feel like I've just shown the world my underarms so yeah anyways that's it.